mercoledì 29 agosto 2012

C'era una volta...

...una bambina cui piaceva la potenza delle parole.
Ora la bambina è cresciuta, è diventata mamma (orgogliosa, anzi molto orgogliosa)  di tre splendide creature

 e ha voglia di tenere traccia di quanto scopre pensa crea riflette trova incontra vive soffre ride fa cucina viaggia ogni giorno mese anno di questa famiglia.

Once upon a time there was a girl in love with the power of words.
Now that girl is grown older, she's the proud mum of three wonderful creatures.
Now she wants to keep memory and trace and share whatever is worth of.
Now it's the time to start.  
Because I'm proud....well, really proud.
And I do hope you'll laugh read share think live cook do create meet every day.
And yes I do want to take the chance to share many of the wonderful ideas and suggestions I found in the blogosphere, where you can find wonderful women sharing what they discover and learn and make and think.
Now it's the time to ...well... "just do it", don't you think?

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